Saturday, February 12, 2011

Ending the Trend of Obesity?

Nothing is more inspirational than knowing Team Beachbody Coaches from all over the country are united on a mission to help "End the Trend" of obesity. So HOW are they doing it? Here's what a few of our Coaches had to say about how they are working to be part of the solution:

"I'm on a personal mission to get my town the healthiest town in Indiana!" –Cassie O.

"I have a passion for empowering mothers. If we arm them with the tools to succeed, it will affect our kids and future
generations." –Suzy S.

"It's easy to want to help an entire community, so I try to make an impact one person at a time." –Dawn B.

"If you're excited about what you do, it will become a ripple effect and others will want to get involved." –Sarah O.

"I am helping to end the trend by starting with myself. If people see me transform, they will know they can do it, too!" –Dave T.

"I conduct community health screening events and grade them on different areas of health and wellness." –Troy L.

"I am committed to learning, supporting and helping those around me to be more physically fit." –Michelle D.

"I do something every day that will help someone reach their health goals." –Stacey G.

"I put on a 10-week Weight Loss Competition where I motivate and educate the participants." –Joe M.

"My mission is to reach out and inspire those who need a helping hand." –Francee H.

"When I share my weight-loss story, it says that anyone can do this business." –Kathy M.

"I do a webinar in Puerto Rico to let Spanish-speaking people know about the Coaching opportunity." –Jose A.

"I share nutrition tips and favorite Beachbody programs on Facebook to get my family and friends inspired." –Vicki T.

"I have personally sponsored 200 Team Beachbody Coaches and developed 200 personal customers for Shakeology." –Jerry K.

"I do a healthy cooking show on Public Access T.V. where I show people how to create delicious, healthy meals." –Maddy A.

"I bring my friends out to do rubber paint ball, rock wall climbing, and obstacle course laser tag." –Trish

"I started a Fit Club where I teach kids about the importance of eating healthy and exercising daily." –Melissa R.

"I have four people committed to running a half marathon with me." –Jenita L.

"I'm setting an example for my kids. If they see me making health a priority, they will do the same. –Ashley W.

"I host a Fit Club at my church to bring people together and workout with Beachbody programs." –Bridget S.

"I host a Family Fitness Night at a school where we showcase Beachbody programs and sample Shakeology." –Hallie F.

"As a Registered Nurse and Team Beachbody Coach, I reach out to the morbidly obese and help them realize that they
can change their lives." –Danielle H.

"I'm helping to destroy obesity in our culture by helping folks see how the little daily choices they make directly affect their
health." –Ron T.

"I invite members of my community to join us for weekly hikes. It's called 'hikeology,' and I share how Beachbody has changed
my life." –Jeannie Y.

"If I can speak to just one person a day and share my love of fitness, then I know I'm doing my job to 'end the trend.'" –Todd C.

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