Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Motivates You?

What helps motivate you to stay fit and healthy? It’s sometimes super easy to lose our way and give in to just eating junk and not exercising. I always try to look back and ask myself what it is that I want to achieve.. Why do I want to have a healthier lifestyle?. Wells for me I didn't always care about what I ate and how much exercise I got that day. I was naturally thin and my metabolism was extremely off the charts.. What did I care !? It took awhile to truly grasp the concept that I needed to be a healthier person and take care of myself. I saw the dangers of diabetes, sleep apnea, hbp and other medical issues that my loved ones were dealing with. I know that I want to be a good example for others and to help others know that they can achieve their goals. I also wanted to care about myself and be a healthier and happier ME!! So the question is my friends.. What motivates you?


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  2. People like you and Ivy and My Team of Coaches! Daily Posts of who's doing what and how great their progress is! And just the Self Improvement of My own, keeps me going!! And trust me... If I can do it... ANYONE can!!!! :D

    <3 xoxo

  3. Thats right Buster! :) Love it! Anyone can they just need to take the first lil steps! yaaay!