Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Healthiest Meal of the Day!!!

When I first started the Insanity program I looked over the nutrition guide that came along with the program. I started reading about how Shakeology can replace one meal a day and how healthy it was. Of course I thought to myself ok there needs to be something out there that’s better and cheaper. I went shopping at a popular vitamin supplement store and began looking at alternatives to Shakeology. I then began taking meal replacements for women and added other nutrients and vitamins that I thought would help me through my fitness journey. I took the meal replacements for a total of 4 days. I started to feel my body craving something more and I felt extremely weak. I decided to read more about the nutritional facts on Shakeology and compared it to what I was already taking at the time. I was sold on the idea that I could replace most of my vitamins and supplements with this one shake a day and also use it as a meal replacement. The love for Shakeology came from the first drink because I was in love with the taste of it. Chocolate! Yummy!! I then began using Shakeology every single day sometimes twice a day and I am totally in love with this shake! I have met so many people who have lost the weight including close friends of mine and I am a believer that this shake can help you live a healthier and happier life! One friend of mine lost 55lbs using p90x and Shakeology! It helps with the last stubborn pounds that you want to lose. You can lose weight; gain more energy and just improve your overall wellbeing just with a Shakeology shake once a day!

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